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The Durrani Empire spanned all of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Iran, and its ruler, Ahmad Shah Durrani is considered the founder of the modern Afghan state.

Furthermore, ‘Popal’ from the longer name ‘Popalzai’ is a huge Pakhtun tribe of Durrani descent. Why are you trying to blend in with the Iranians so bad?

Throughout the war against the Soviet invasion in the 1980s, and the civil strife that followed, Afghan fighters of all factions rejected suicide attacks as cowardly and un Islamic.

Sharbat Gula shot to fame as a green-eyed 12-year-old on the cover of National Geographic in 1985 (left), but a more recent image of her (right) is circulating in media as part of a row about corruption in Pakistan.

The Afghan woman whose portrait became one of the most well-known photographs of all time is to be deported from Pakistan after admitting to using false identity documents.

They are often prepared for their attacks by being given verses of the Koran, which their handlers tell them will carry protection from the blast.

The Taliban say such accusations are government propaganda and their own battlefield code of conduct forbids them from using pre-pubescent boys in military roles. Security officials say suicide bombing is a relatively new tactic in Afghan warfare, adopted only after 2001 and learned from Arab jihadists who used it to devastating effect in Iraq.

It was taken from her identity card - a document she technically shouldn't have been allowed to acquire The photo attached to the application has the same piercing green eyes and the same sculpted face seen in Mc Curry's famous image only older, lined by age and surrounded by a black hijab covering her hair completely.

An AFP reporter visited the poor Peshawar neighbourhood given as Gula's address in her papers, where residents said she had been living with her husband, who worked in a local bakery, but had left a month ago.