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So I like Shadys Jou characters alot, a whole lot, they are cute, beautiful, gorgeous, diverse and sexy as all hell freezing over.

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I spent the weekend on crutches, but am now trying to function without them to work out my knee. We used them as a bench to sit on yesterday in Dolores Park, but there's gotta be other things I can do with them.(And more seriously - is there a place I can donate them?

Why do doctors give people who are obviously somewhat uncoordinated (as they have already fallen or otherwise hurt themselves without aid of awkward wooden accessory) oversized chopsticks to navigate with as pseudo armlegs? Any yelpers out there made it through a period of gimpiness in the big city?

By eliminating the “seriously,” your point is still clear, and you sound more credible! As a crutch word, “at the end of the day” has nothing to do with the final hours of a day, and therefore might wins against the others in the battle for most annoying.

Tip: Perhaps it’s cliche, but practice, practice, practice!

Tip: Instead of saying “um” while you think, repeat your last phrase! Try to say the same sentence without including the “seriously” or “literally”.

By repeating the question or your last thought, you have more time to form an answer and fill the time while whomever you’re speaking to thinks you’re simply emphasizing your point. Seriously and Literally Jen Doll describes this as the “crutch-word version of the excessive exclamation point” and really hits the nail on the head. For example, “I seriously need you to go to the store” becomes “I need you to go to the store” (you can even add “now” if you feel the need for emphasis). At the end of the day At the end of the day, this phrase is just a precursor to whatever you really mean to say (I had to! Similar to the dreaded “in conclusion” or “all in all,” this phrase is unnecessary and can (and should) be left out.

These have been compared by assorted pundits to voodoo fetishes, and the people who visit them to Hindu elephant god worshippers.

Simon Jenkins, the commentator and former newspaper editor, described relics as “jujus, religious placebos for the credulous classes”. I visited the relics of the saint a few years ago when they came to Ireland at midnight because the crowds during the day were too big.

I’ve seen too many guys lose the girl because they come off as the drunk party guy rather than just the fun exciting guy.Having a drink in hand feels good, safe, and gives you something to hold during conversation.All around, alcohol is supposed to make meeting women easier.In England, that reflexive hostility goes back to the Reformation.Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s minister, who is enjoying an unexpected bout of popularity stemming from his starring role in the Booker Prize front-runner, Wolf Hall, sent his commissioners to monasteries and shrines in 1535 to report on similar phenomena. I have even been sucker punched in the face, but that’s another story.