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Another idea is to create a scrapbook with mementos from events of your first year together -- movie ticket stubs, a takeout menu or the first card you gave her.
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Its secondarily about the Constitution of the United States. I guess Im trying to imitate Martin Luthers posting of his 95 Theses on the door of the castle church of Wittenburg, protesting the sale of indulgences (Salvation4Sale) and other evidences of corruption (Righteousness by Ritural)! I am posting my 76 Theses in the Spirit of 76, on the internet, protesting the rejection of the Teachings of Christ by the church of Christ for 2,000 years. I fear that many religious services...really honor Satan...without the people realizing that this is what they are doing.

This website consists of 76 posts in the Spirit of 76, and in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. It's primarily about the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I tend to think it's us vs them..we may need to be very, very careful in this area.

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If the reps(in spiritual form) are all around us..when we channel or pray to something outside of ourselves...might we really be contacting reptilian entities?

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